Debbie has spent decades working with traumatized children, serving as a social worker, group home parent, criminal prosecutor, volunteer and Board member, attorney defending youth-serving organizations, foster parent, step-parent, and grandparent raising a grandchild.

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Blog: Other People’s Children®

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Parenting Techniques

How to Live in Peace With Your Teenager

Teenagers generally are the toughest audience for a stepparent or foster parent. Younger children are at a developmental stage where they are more likely to want a relationship with you and will accept you more readily.

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How To Navigate Mother's Day with Different Sets of Children

One common problem with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that I don’t see discussed often is what to in complex stepfamilies where different sets of siblings have different biological parents. The usual result is that one set of...

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Author: Raising Other People’s Children

Debbie’s new book, scheduled for publication in May 2021, explains the principles she learned about parenting children who came into her life after suffering abuse, neglect, or the loss of divorce.

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Speaker: Taking Care of Other People’s Children™

Debbie is a dynamic and engaging speaker, who can speak about difficult topics involved in caring for children with humor, compassion, and authority.

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Attorney: Protecting Other People’s Children™

Debbie’s experiences as a social worker, foster parent, and criminal prosecutor have given her unique insights into her legal practice defending youth-serving organizations and advising them about best practices for protecting the children in their care.

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