Raising Other People's Children
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"Eloquent... raw and real." - Natalie Ford Ph.D., Truett McConnell University
"A must read." - Judge Juanita Stedman, Together Georgia
"Compelling and candid." - Emily Acker, Hillside, Inc.
"Hard-won wisdom." Rhonda Sciortino, author of 30 Days to Happiness
"Excellent and profound." - Pastor Demensio Barton, We Are One Ministries
"Practical perspective." - Irene Clements, National Foster Parent Association

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More About Raising Other People's Children

In the book, I explain why commitment is more important than love, why raising our children’s self-esteem requires allowing them to fail, and why we cannot leave them believing that they are no more than the sum of their trauma. It is a frank and compassionate discussion of the challenges and heartaches involved in raising non-biological children, and the uplifting story of why I would do it all over again.

Raising Other People's Children

Raising Other People’s Children recounts the lessons that my foster children taught me about raising children who had lost their intact biological families, and how I put those lessons into practice when I married and helped raise a blended family.

The book recounts the principles that I learned about parenting children who came into my life after suffering abuse, neglect, or the loss of divorce. I understood that I was not the person who was supposed to be in their lives, but that I still could forge a strong and meaningful relationship with my children as I helped them heal from their losses.