This Veterans Day is a good opportunity to recognize the unique challenges that military stepfamilies face.  I have never been in the military, but I know from listening to friends that raising a blended military family can be daunting.  Sometimes, the biological parent is deployed, leaving the stepparent to be the adult in a family that hasn’t yet melded.  This blog post describes some of the stresses that deployment can cause for blended families.  Other times, the family can’t be together because of custody issues, as this blog post lays out quite eloquently.  

I don’t have any advice, as the situation is completely outside my experience and my skill set.  I just want to note that, on Veterans’ Day, we should recognize that it is not only active duty personnel, but also their families who bear the burden of military service.


Debbie Ausburn

Helping foster parents and stepparents learn how to be the person who is not supposed to be there.